About The Netrinos Network

The Netrinos Network is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) VPN platform designed to overlay a private local area network (LAN) across the public internet. This overlay network empowers devices to connect directly with each other regardless of their physical location or the underlying network's configuration. Netrinos is owned and operated by Bluefriday Inc. and is based in Toronto, Canada.

How Netrinos Works

Upon installing the Netrinos software, each device receives a private IP address and a static DNS name within the private network. This facilitates direct communication between devices using these friendly names and without any manual reconfiguration.

When a device changes location (e.g., moves from the office to a coffee shop), Netrinos automatically detects the new connection details and communicates them to other devices on the network. Users continue to interact seamlessly with their devices throughout the network.

Unlike typical VPN setups, all VPN connections in Netrinos are outbound from the user's device to the internet. This eliminates the need for complex router or firewall reconfiguration. Netrinos serves as a connection broker, orchestrating dynamic peer-to-peer VPN links.

Netrinos incorporates WireGuard, a cutting-edge VPN protocol acclaimed for its simplicity, exceptional performance, and robust cryptography. Netrinos extends WireGuard by adding a zero-configuration management layer, enabling connections that would not be possible with WireGuard alone.


Netrinos is currently compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Support for Android and iOS platforms is planned for the near future. The software provides both a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command-line interface (CLI).


Motivated by the limitations of traditional VPNs during the pandemic, the creators of Netrinos envisioned a VPN mesh network focused on enabling easy device interaction across locations, just like on an office LAN.

Originally released as The 2hO Network (2ho.ca) in 2021 (with "2hO" meaning "to home office"), the platform was rebranded in 2024 as The Netrinos Network (netrinos.com). The original domain, 2ho.ca, continues to be used for device DNS names to keep the names short.

The name "Netrinos" derives from the words network and neutrinos. Neutrinos are abundant subatomic particles that have a unique ability to pass through almost all matter unimpeded. This is analogous to how Netrinos establishes secure connections that effortlessly traverse complex networks.

Example Use Cases

Netrinos provides compelling and secure alternatives to public cloud services for a wide range of tasks. Here are a few examples to illustrate its potential:

Remote Desktop Access

Easily leverage native remote desktop tools within your OS (Windows RDP, macOS Screen Sharing, Linux VNC, ssh, etc.). Netrinos' private network and device naming remove the need to expose these services to the public internet.

Remote File Sharing

Utilize existing file-sharing technologies within your OS on your Netrinos network without complex configurations or exposing shared data.

Zero Trust Networking

Enhance data security by encrypting sensitive network communications within a local area network (LAN) through Netrinos, even when devices are in the same room.

And More! Netrinos' versatility makes it suitable for numerous networking scenarios. Experiment and discover how it can streamline your specific workflow.

Key Differentiators

Netrinos is not a conventional VPN focused on identity obfuscation, unlocking geo-restricted content, or creating hub-and-spoke office connections. Though Netrinos' secure VPN capabilities may allow some of these, the platform excels in the effortless creation of private cloud networks that connect devices directly.