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Welcome to Netrinos: Get Started in 3 Easy Step

You're just a few steps away from a more powerful, private way to network your devices.

Introducing Netrinos: A Quick Product Demo

Netrinos creates a secure, private network on top of the public internet, seamlessly bypassing firewalls and routers. Devices on this virtual network become instantly accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, offering enhanced security and unparalleled ease of use.

Installing Netrinos on MacOS

Learn how to install Netrinos on your Mac and connect it to your network for secure file sharing and remote control from anywhere.

Installing Netrinos on Linux

Install Netrinos on your Linux system for secure remote access and file management. Close firewall ports and simplify web file management.

Getting Started

Netrinos creates a secure, private network for connecting your devices from anywhere. Follow these easy steps to set up your initial devices and experience the power of remote access within your encrypted Netrinos network.