Glossary of Networking Terms

Understand Access Control Lists (ACLs). Learn how ACLs use rules to filter network traffic, enhancing security and controlling resource access.
Learn about cloud security, the distinction between public and private clouds, and how Netrinos prioritizes data privacy with encrypted transport and device ownership.
Discover cloud server security risks, especially in public clouds. Learn how private clouds, like Netrinos, offer better control, isolation, and protection from internet threats.
Understand connectionless VPNs (UDP-based). See how they prioritize speed, automate connections, and boost reliability for gaming, streaming, and demanding applications.
Discover cryptokey routing: how it safeguards data with encryption far superior to passwords, streamlines network control compared to IP routing, and its use by Netrinos.
Learn about Domain Name Servers (DNS). See how DNS translates easily remembered domain names (like into the IP addresses computers use.
Learn the basics of firewalls, their role in network security, and how they work alongside Netrinos to protect your devices and data.
Learn how VPNs can overcome firewall restrictions with NAT Hole Punching. Discover Netrinos' seamless solution for secure connections.
Learn about Machine to Machine communication (M2M). See how M2M allows devices to directly exchange data, automating processes and enabling smart systems.
Learn about mesh networks – their structure, benefits, and how they power secure, resilient connections. Discover how Netrinos builds upon mesh principles with enhanced privacy and simplified device management
Discover how Mesh VPNs overcome limitations of traditional models with direct connections, scalability, and resilience. Ideal for remote collaboration.
Learn how NAT Hole Punching allows devices behind firewalls to connect seamlessly. Ideal for gaming, VoIP, and secure remote access with solutions like Netrinos.
Understand NAT (Network Address Translation), its connectivity challenges, and how NAT traversal techniques (like those used by Netrinos) enable direct connections between devices.
Get a firm grasp on Network Address Translation (NAT) - its essential roles in IP addressing and how it influences remote connectivity. Discover how tools like Netrinos can overcome NAT obstacles.
Learn how network roaming keeps your cell phone connected when outside your provider's coverage. Understand international roaming fees and ways to manage them.
Understand overlay networks – how they create logical networks on top of existing infrastructure, enabling flexibility and new services.
Understand peer-to-peer (P2P) networking, its benefits for direct file sharing and communication, and how it differs from traditional client-server models.
Learn about port forwarding, how it allows access to specific services inside private networks, and how solutions like Netrinos render it less demanding.
Learn the difference between proxies and reverse proxies. Discover how they manage traffic, enhance security, and optimize performance in networking.
Uncover Remote Access Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and how they provide secure communication tunnels from remote devices to corporate networks or other private resources.
Understand site-to-site VPNs. Learn how they connect multiple offices, enable secure extranets, and facilitate hybrid cloud networking.
Understand the basics of Software Defined Networking (SDN). Learn how SDN separates control and data planes for simplified management and innovation.
Learn what a static IP address is, how it differs from dynamic addresses, and its advantages for servers, remote access, and network stability.
Explore the differences between TCP and UDP protocols, including TCP's reliability, UDP's speed focus, and why UDP excels in WireGuard® VPN implementations.
Learn how UDP Hole Punching overcomes NAT limitations for direct communication. Understand its use in peer-to-peer connections, real-time data, and VPNs.
Learn the essentials of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Discover how they secure remote access, connect networks, and boost online privacy. See Netrinos VPN solutions.
Discover WireGuard*, the next-generation VPN protocol lauded for its speed, simplicity, and advanced cryptography. Learn how it enhances security and performance over legacy protocols.
Discover Zero-Trust Networking (ZTN): its principles, benefits, and how it redefines network security by replacing implicit trust with constant verification.
Understand Zero-Configuration Networking (Zeroconf) and how it allows devices to connect and communicate automatically without manual configuration.