WireGuard Admin App

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a simple WireGuard* VPN Appliance.

WGAdmin is a free tool that converts a Raspberry Pi single-board computer into an easy-to-use WireGuard VPN Appliance. WGAdmin allows you to create, configure, and manage a simple WireGuard network without messing around with configuration files.

Architecturally, WGAdmin is a configuration management layer wrapped around the standard WireGuard software. It's the missing WireGuard GUI and config generator. Security and heavy lifting is handled by WireGuard natively.

  • The default configuration covers the most obvious use cases for WireGuard and can be adjusted manually to go beyond that.
  • Functionality is pure vanilla WireGuard. The goal here is just to make things friendlier.
  • An initialization wizard generates the server and network config.
  • Peers can be added or deleted at any time without interrupting ongoing sessions.
  • Peer config files can be downloaded or installed automatically by scanning a QR code.
  • Configuration data is kept only locally on the device. No information is sent to the cloud.
  • Works with any WireGuard peer using the standard WireGuard client as downloaded from WireGuard.com or your app store.
  • Minimum supported configuration is Raspberry Pi OS 10 and a Pi Zero W 2.
  • Works great on Pi 3, Pi 4, and many others including compatible 32 or 64 bit.
  • Also works on Intel (AMD64) Debian based Linux

WgAdmin is a Beta project in progress. We are open to any and all feedback.

Installation TL;DR

Build the Server
  • Install Raspberry Pi OS (or other Debian-based Linux)
  • Download the wgadmin deb file from our repository
  • Install it using apt
  • Launch a web browser to http://192.168.nnn.nnn:8000 (Pi's IP address)
  • Choose a username & password, etc.
  • Define your Peers etc.
Add the Clients
  • Download and install the WireGuard software from wireguard.com
  • On Mobile: Scan the QR code from the WGAdmin app.
  • On Others: Download the config file from WGAdmin and import it

Download Server

The WGAdmin application is distributed as a deb file below. If you need another format or architecture, please contact us to discuss.

Debian ARM 64bit

Debian ARM 32bit

Debian Intel/AMD 64bit

Learn more at GitHub

Download Client

To install the WireGuard client on your client devices, please refer to wireguard.com.

Once installed, you can download your connection profiles from the WGAdmin app.