Frequently Asked Questions

Can Netrinos Be Integrated with Existing Security Tools?

Strengthen your defenses. Netrinos works alongside your existing security tools to fortify your network and protect your critical data.

Can Netrinos Be Used for Team Collaboration?

Netrinos offers collaborative features and tools for effective team management, enhancing teamwork and communication.

Can Netrinos Handle High Bandwidth Applications?

Netrinos is designed to efficiently manage high bandwidth applications, ensuring smooth network performance even under heavy load.

Can Netrinos and WireGuard Enhance My Cybersecurity Strategy?

Learn how Netrinos and WireGuard work together to provide robust security. Integrate easily with existing tools for unparalleled data protection.

How Does Netrinos Enhance Remote Access Security?

Netrinos utilizes a Zero Trust approach with strong encryption, ensuring secure and reliable remote access.

How Does Netrinos Ensure Data Privacy?

Netrinos guarantees data privacy with end-to-end encryption and ensures direct and secure traffic flow between devices.

How Does Netrinos Ensure Privacy within a Work Environment?

Netrinos upholds privacy in workplaces by utilizing end-to-end encryption and treating all networks, even trusted ones, as untrusted.

How Does Netrinos Handle Network Roaming?

Netrinos enables smooth network transitions for mobile users, maintaining constant connectivity and streamlined communication.

How Does Netrinos Manage Network Traffic?

Netrinos manages network traffic by creating a virtual LAN, ensuring efficient routing and optimized bandwidth use.

How Does Netrinos Support Remote Work?

Netrinos simplifies remote work with secure, consistent, and user-friendly network connectivity across various locations.

Is Netrinos Suitable for Large Enterprises?

Netrinos is scalable and equipped with features catering to both small businesses and large enterprises, ensuring versatile network management.

Isn't Netrinos Just a VPN?

Netrinos goes beyond traditional VPNs, offering a seamless, mobile mesh VPN experience without the usual complications.

What Are the System Requirements for Netrinos?

Netrinos operates with minimal system requirements, supporting Windows 10, macOS Catalina, and various Linux distributions.

What Is Netrinos' Network Structure?

Netrinos employs a mesh VPN structure, enabling devices to connect directly and securely, optimizing network paths and enhancing efficiency.

What Makes Netrinos Different from Traditional VPNs?

Netrinos transcends traditional VPNs with its mesh-VPN structure, offering more flexibility and ease of use for various network needs.

What Platforms Are Supported by Netrinos?

Netrinos currently supports Windows 10, macOS, Linux, with iOS and Android versions coming soon, ensuring wide device compatibility.

What Support Options Are Available for Netrinos Users?

Netrinos offers a range of support options, including online resources, community forums, and dedicated customer support for its users.

What is Netrinos?

Netrinos builds on WireGuard's encryption, adding a dynamic management layer for agile and efficient network management.

What is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a state-of-the-art encryption technology ensuring secure, fast communication between devices.

Why is it called Netrinos?

Explore the reasoning behind the unique name 'Netrinos', drawing parallels to the elusive neutrinos in physics for its network technology.