Invitation to Become a Beta Tester

We are actively looking for beta testers for The Netrinos Network software, our new virtual LAN product. 

How to Become a Beta Tester

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Download and install the Netrinos Beta software from
  3. Contact us at, and you will have priority access to our developers.


We recommend you install and test on at least two computers, preferably mobile (laptop), in separate physical locations, or both. This can be on Windows, macOS, Linux (including headless cloud servers and Raspberry Pi). The Linux GUI is available for most Ubuntu-based distros that support systray icons. For others, there is a terminal interface.

Thank you for testing Netrinos. Your feedback is invaluable to us at this early stage.

When you are finished testing, you can continue to use the Netrinos software at no charge. Your credentials will also work with our standard software.

About Netrinos

The Netrinos Network is a SaaS VPN networking platform that layers a private local area network on top of the public Internet. It allows devices to connect directly with each other regardless of their physical location or network topology.

With the software installed, each device gets a private IP address and a static DNS name within the private network. Devices can connect directly to each other via this name without any further configuration.

When a device roams to a new location (e.g. from office to coffee shop), Netrinos will automatically determine the new connection parameters (IP address, port number, etc.) of the new location and communicate that to the other devices on your network. This process is silent to the user, and the network continues to work.

Netrinos uses WireGuard as the transport layer and wraps it with a zero-configuration management layer that allows WireGuard to connect in ways not possible by itself. WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol known for its simplicity and high performance, utilizing state-of-the-art cryptography to ensure secure network traffic with minimal overhead.

Netrinos works with Windows, macOS, and Linux (Intel and ARM), with Android and iOS coming shortly. It offers both a GUI and a terminal user interface.