Netrinos Edge Node Security Model

The security model for the Netrinos Edge Node is designed to be simple and customizable, focusing on Accounts, Users, and Roles. This model allows for easy control over access to both the devices in the mesh network and the Netrinos web portal interface.

The default model includes roles for Admin, User, Tech, and Device. Each device is owned by a user account and inherits roles from its owner. Access control is implemented at the device level through a set of local firewall rules based on these roles.

Note: ACL enforcement on the secure network is not yet available, but it will be included in an upcoming version.

Network Access

Admin Can access all devices under the account.
User Can only access devices owned by the user
Tech User and can also access edge nodes
Device Isolated and have no access to the secure network.

Web Portal Access

Admin Can manage Users and Roles, access to billing data and other system reporting
User Can only see devices using their user account
Tech Same as User, and it can see all the edge devices
Device Has no context in the Web Portal

Edge Device Web UI

In order to log into the local Edge Device Web UI, you will need an account with the role of Tech. These are the same accounts as on the web portal.