Preconfiguring Netrinos EdgeNode for Later Deployment 

If you need to preconfigure edge devices with Netrinos in a test environment before deploying them in the field, deleting the network configuration before shutting them down is essential. If you fail to do this, the device will retain the configuration of the previous network, and this may not be obvious to the future installer. It will retain devices from the previous network that are no longer present, and it will continue to scan the old subnet which no longer exists.

For a correct "out of the box" experience, you need to delete the network configuration before shutting it down. 

You have a couple of options...


The easiest way to solve this is to delete the Netrinos scanned network in the Web UI as the last step of your setup. Then leave it in this state.

Using a web browser, complete the following steps:

When the device is redeployed, it will notice that it has no network and trigger the discovery when restarting. 

Linux Terminal

If you want to script this, you can reset the config from the command line. 

With the service still running, please follow these steps...

$ netrinos reset                           # This deletes the entire config folder
$ netrinos login edgeaccount Pa\$\$word    # This recreates the config without any network defined

Then, shut down the device. When it boots back up, it will notice there is no network and perform the discovery.