Netrinos Edge Node


The Netrinos Edge Node edition transforms a standard Linux-based device into a powerful gateway, enabling access to remote networks that are typically unreachable through traditional IP routing.

For instance, many home networks use private IP addresses (like 192.168.x.x) that are not accessible from the internet. This can hinder remote support efforts, especially since many households use the same address range, making it impossible to directly route to a specific device.

Netrinos software establishes encrypted mesh networks to seamlessly connect remote sites without requiring any modifications to customer modems or routers. The Edge Node edition takes this functionality a step further by incorporating Network Address Translation (NAT) and port forwarding directly on the edge device itself. This approach overcomes incompatibilities and conflicts that can arise between different networks.

The Edge Node software offers a user-friendly web interface hosted on the edge device. Through this interface, administrators can remotely manage connected networks, including scanning for devices, configuring port forwarding, and testing connectivity. While offering functionality similar to configuring a typical home router, the Edge Node's port forwarding operates within a secure, encrypted cloud environment, effectively isolating mapped ports from the public internet. At no point are the forwarded ports exposed to the public internet.

This design ensures that even if a customer changes their internet service provider or replaces their networking hardware, the edge device and its port forwarding configurations remain unaffected. In fact, no configuration of customer equipment is required. Installation is streamlined, and it's even possible to ship an edge device to a customer for self-installation. All it needs is Ethernet and power. Once connected, the device will obtain a DHCP address and contact the Netrinos server for its configuration.

Netrinos Client Help

The Edge Node edition is a superset of the regular Netrinos client. So this documentation may be helpful.

How Edge Node Works

Understand how the Netrinos technology works from both a technical and functional perspective.

Edge Node Port Forwarding

A screen-by-screen description of how to set up port forwarding on an Edge Device.

Edge Node Security Model

Netrinos Edge Node offers a robust, customizable security model built around Accounts, Users, and Roles.

Installing Edge Node on Ubuntu Linux

Detailed instructions for installing the Netrinos Edge Node software on Ubuntu Linux.

Netrinos CLI (command line interface)

Netrinos also has a command line interface. The GUI was designed primarily end user convenience. The CLI can be used by remote terminal connections and provides more functionality.

Understanding Edge Node Config Files

Understanding the Netrinos config files can be useful for debugging or scripting installs.